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Lounge - Le Restaurant 1451 - Restaurant Gastronomique à Renaison

  "You are with us,

but do as your house ! "

Océane and Jérémie.


A tour of France
big houses

Before deciding to settle in Renaison with his partner Océane,

native of the region, the chef learned cooking, which he practices today,

in different large houses. He has, in fact, passed through many tables and rubbed shoulders with big names in French cuisine.


In total, there are no less than 10 Michelin-starred Relais et Châteaux establishments

everywhere in France who have forged its solid experience and its philosophy

cuisine based on rigour, high standards and surpassing oneself.


Today it's in Renaison with Océane and her faithful friends

who followed him to the Loire that he intends to have fun

with its new brigade while stimulating your taste pleasure!

A kitchen
of terroir revisited

Make you appreciate the true taste of good products and awaken your taste buds with flavors to which your palates are no longer accustomed.

This is the challenge of our cuisine, which is therefore focused on taste and the clarity of flavours.


A complex alchemy that the Chef manages to decline on your plates by transforming the product sublimated by the originality of its sauces. His ground ivy rabbit entirely deboned and cooked like a tournedos is the very example of this work.


A return

to nature

Nature is a great source of inspiration for the restaurant surrounded by forests and rivers. The Chef makes this a common thread in his culinary choices.


Aromatic herbs such as cucumber-flavoured burnet, nettle or ground ivy with a woody flavor are picked up by the couple during long walks in the forest, always on the lookout for the precious herbaceous plants that will make each bite an explosion of flavors.


Local products carefully selected and highlighted by the creativity of the Chef for a tasty journey of the senses.

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